• EU WEEE certification


    WEEE stands for Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment. The first EU WEEE Directive (Directive 2002/96/EC), which took effect in February 2003, mandates the treatment, recovery and recycling of electric and electronic equipment. This Directive provided for the creation of collection methods where consumers return their WEEE free of charge. WEEE 2 (Directive 2012/19/EU) took effect on February 14, 2014..[DETAILS查看详情]

  • ISO14001认证

    ISO 14001 certification badgeInternational Organization

    The ISO helps organizations to set out a framework for creating an

    effective environmental management system.

    To learn more about ISO 14001 [DETAILS查看详情]

  • ISO27001电子产品回收信息安全认证

    ISO27001 Electronic Product Recycling Information Security Certification